Our Innovative service and culture will deliver cost effective services on time


Mission statement

Manaka Attorneys Inc is a 100% Black female owned law firm that provides a full service portfolio to its corporate, government and state owned clients.

Culture and Innovation

Manaka Attorneys Inc has a lean overhead structure that optimises innovative and technologically advanced systems to provide customer service in a cost effective manner.

Manaka Attorneys Inc is a firm that believes in the development of South Africa and is an example of how a young black female can create jobs, generate business opportunities and always aim to assist clients to achieve the same ideals of growth and development of the people of South Africa. Manaka Attorneys Inc has employed attorneys with experience in the financial developmental sector and will use these skills to empower clients.

Cost Structures

We recommend that all our clients enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the relationship.
Broad overview of SLA fees are as follows:

  • Hourly rate
  • Day rate
  • Plus disbursements (travel, copies, Counsel, cost of calls and emails)

There are options regarding fees and disbursements depending on the nature of the services you choose to make use of as well as expected volume. HOURLY FEES VERSUS A FIXED RETAINER

There are obvious benefits to having a fixed retainer fee which are:

  • Fixed cost enables improved forecasts and budgeting
  • ESD spend can be calculated for the year in advance and allows improved B-BBEE scores
  • Guaranteed service delivery
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